Something New

Starting something new, no matter how much you prepare, can bring a variety of emotions.   Pride & Joy Doula Services started with just an idea in my head 3 years ago, pregnant with my third child.  Beyond my formal college education of Family Social Science I have put in much preparation, education and work for today, the day I launch my business.  The thoughts, worries, excitement and anticipation are all creating a rollercoaster of feelings inside of me.  Am I ready?  Did I prepare enough?  What if I make a mistake?  What if I forget something important? I hope my clients will like me!  I know what I want to achieve but will I have the willpower to push through when times get tough?

I sat down and closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and reassured myself, “This is what I am passionate about, and this is what I want to do. This works for my family.”  As my heart rate began to slow, I remembered that I have support. I felt comforted in the thought that I do indeed have backup and I have surrounded myself with not only friends and family that are supportive of my venture but I  enlisted the support of few key others that are professionals in the community of helping new families that I can call on if I need them.   I have exercised my insecurities with this lucky group of individuals before and have always felt more at ease, determined and supported in a way that was different than what family and friends could provide.  They helped me ask myself the right questions for my desired outcomes, they gave me their educated support, guided me when I had questions and have been in similar situations as I had been in so I know they can empathize with me if I fall.   

When I thought of this I couldn’t help but smile to myself as really it is not that much different than hiring a doula. When we learn we are pregnant we often prepare and educate to the best of our ability. Yet it is hard to not feel some emotions of uncertainty that can cloud the excitement and happiness that you are feeling for your new arrival.  It makes sense to surround yourself with support for a successful outcome no matter what the venture and having a baby is no different.   

Starting something new whether a new business, career or having a child is a big deal.  It is going to impact your life and lives of the people around you.  You are going to have great triumphs and small setbacks and finding the right support can be your first step to success.  If you are thinking of hiring and antepartum or postpartum doula I would be so honored to be able to a part of your support system.

When you have started something new, what has helped you keep your confidence and guide you toward success?