Antepartum Doula Support 

Do you have a high risk pregnancy and looking for extra support?  As an antepartum doula I provide compassionate support while also providing practical assistance.

Postpartum  Doula Support

Whether you are a first time mom or a mom the second time( or more) around, bringing a new life into this world is a transition that brings many delightful yet sometimes difficult challenges.  As a postpartum doula I committed to providing personalized support to fit the needs of your family during this special time. 

Education for Parents

As a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, I offer community based, in-home and personalized childbirth and newborn education. 




I am so grateful you are exploring how I can assist you during this very special time in your life.  When we hear the term 'pride and joy' we often think of how someone would describe their child.  At Pride & Joy Doula Services, my hope is for every parent to feel 'pride and joy' about themselves as they look back on the incredible journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Amy’s support allowed me to spend more time with mother and baby which was exactly what I was hoping for. She exceeded our expectations in pretty much every aspect
— Jeff, Pride & Joy Client