Thank you for visiting Pride & Joy Doula Services, LLC. please contact me if you are interested in learning more about how I can provide support, education and practical assistance to your patients or practice. - Amy Beseth

What I can offer your patients:


  • Childbirth Education - personalized to your patients specific needs
  • Newborn Education
  • Preemie education (as desired)
  • Tips on effectively communicating with care providers
  • Relaxation/Deep Breathing/Meditation Techniques 
  • Emotional support
  • Local Resources
  • Practical assistance ( light housekeeping, light meal prep) 


  • Pregnancy education
  • Childbirth education 
  • Newborn education


The idea for Pride & Joy began three years ago during my second high risk pregnancy.  Physical restrictions the uncertainty of the outcomes of my own health and the health of my baby was a constant worry.  I was trying to manage 2 1/2 year old twin boys while also trying to stick to the physical limitations placed upon me due to my condition.   I  had a trusted relationship with my OBGYN and she gave me great support. However, I felt like I was always longing for more reassurance and emotional support than the scheduled appointment time allotted.  I had a wish list of things that I didn't want to have to ask family or friends to do for me as I was so tired of asking for help and 'burdening' them with my worries. I missed my husband as he spent his time home from work, cooking, cleaning and caring for the kids as I was unable too.  I longed to talk to someone but didn't want to have to schedule any appointments outside of my home as the 1-2 OB appointments a week was already difficult to arrange care for my twin boys.   This was when I began to think - wouldn't it be great if I could have the opportunity to provide the support I longed for with families experiencing similar circumstances.     

Though I know I did not have "normal" pregnancies, through my training as a LCCE and doula, I found much comfort that a good amount  of what I was experiencing was "normal"  and that the "high risk" did not need to encompass my entire pregnancy.  I only wish I had some of this similar knowledge as I know I would have felt more comforted, in control and confident of my pregnancy and life at that time.  My mission is to provide woman and families in high risk pregnancies, support, education and practical assistance through for the duration of their pregnancy and into postpartum as desired.

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